TheĀ mission of the District is:

  1. to control or alleviate damage by flood waters;
  2. to improve stream channels for drainage, navigation, and any other public purpose;
  3. to reclaim or fill wet and overflowed land
  4. to provide a water supply for irrigation;
  5. to regulate the flow of streams and conserve the streamsā€™ water;
  6. to divert or change all or part of watercourses;
  7. to provide or conserve water supply for domestic, industrial, recreational,
    agricultural or other public use;
  8. to provide for sanitation and public health, and regulate the use of streams,
    ditches, or watercourses to dispose of waste;
  9. to repair, improve, relocate, modify, consolidate, and abandon, in whole or in part,
    drainage systems within a watershed district;
  10. to control or alleviate soil erosion and siltation of watercourses or water basins;
  11. to regulate improvements by riparian property owners of the beds, banks,
    and shores of lakes, streams, and wetlands for preservation and beneficial public use;
  12. to provide hydroelectric power generation;
  13. to protect or enhance the water quality in watercourses or bodies of water, and
  14. to provide for the protection of groundwater and regulating groundwater use
    to preserve it for beneficial purposes.



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